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Today I officially started a my new training and nutrition program.  I have no competitions coming up in the near future, so now is a great time to simply train the way I want but with the structure and discipline that is associated with competition prep.  Brickhouse Miami has been blessed with a surge of new business, expansion and overall success over the past few months.  Pairing this welcomed load with that of Unbreakable is certainly a welcomed blessing, but has taken a great deal of focus and attention.  While I am obviously training and training hard, I need to get back on a much more focused and goal oriented program.  So I am.

My program is divided up into numerous training blocks of 3 weeks, all focusing on different rep ranges and rep tempos.  The lifting will incorporate both power/strength movements as well as hypertrophy/growth movements.  I will be cycling my carbs throughout the weeks in accordance with my training, ranging from 600 grams daily to 200 grams daily.  One major difference in this diet, in comparison to previous diets, will be the amount of attention I am paying to fat.  I will actually be focusing on incorporating more fat into my diet in a much more calculated and varied approach.    As far as supplements, I sticking to the basics: Protein, Creatine, Multi-Vitamins, Glutamine, Aminos and some Dextrose (post workout).

While there are certainly many other exercises, the core movements for this program will be:  Deadlifts, weighted pull ups, weighted chin ups, Incline bench press, low flat rack press, behind the neck military, Front squats, RDLs and Power Cleans (w/ full front squat).

I will be posting pics and videos with progress over the next 9 weeks……


Lucas G. Irwin: Farmer Cardio

Posted: January 21, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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I hate the treadmill, the bike and the eliptical as much as the next person; so I love to utilize circuit training to kill the boredom. However, this doesnt mean i throw together 4 different exercises of 15-20 reps a piece; I want to hold on to this new muscle I busted my butt for!  So I tend to combine lower-rep, power and strength movements to jack up my heart rate without turning into a catabolic monster.  Today finished my AM Delt workout with this lovely piece:

Deadlift/Power Shrugs w/ Farmer’s Walk Bar and chains (see below)  10 Reps

Upright Rows 8 Reps

Military Press on Functional Trainer 8 Reps

Lateral Raises 8 Reps

Repeat, 3x

Farmer Cardio