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Lucas Irwin – Coan Phillipi Deadlift Routine

Posted: November 24, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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I decided to take a step away from physique competitions for a while and dive into deadlifting.  While I certainly love the actual training that is required for physique competitions, I dislike the lack of physical competition on the actual day of the show and cannot stand participating in something that is so subjective.  Therefore, I am moving to a much more cut and dry form of physical competition; the deadlift.  I will be competing in the 220lb weight class (at 6’2”) and competing unequipped with tested organizations.  USAPL will be my first.

I have been using the Coan Phillipi Deadlift Routine in preparation for this first meet.  I am 9 weeks into training at this point and will be restarting the routine in 2 weeks with new a new projected max.  I have had to make a lot of technique adjustments to compensate for my additional height, but I am constantly improving and happy with my progress thus far.  I am hoping to pull around 550 in Feb and be around 600lbs by the end of 2011.

Here is my 500lb pull from yesterdays training.