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Lucas G. Irwin: 116 Days Out

Posted: January 12, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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I had a high-carb day today and my body is absolutely destroying everything that I eat!  I cycle between a low, medium and high-carb day throughout the week and it looks like I may have to increase my numbers on all of the days until my body adjusts a bit; I don’t want to burn and drop too fast at this point.  I start 16 weeks out so that I can take a much more controlled and paced approach in hopes of maintaining as much muscle mass as possible.  At this point I can eat an 8oz sweet potato, 10oz of chicken and a whole mess of green beans and my stomach feels empty within 30 minutes.  This is a good thing, so long as I adjust and dont let it eat me away.