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Diana Chaloux at Hitch Fit Gym, photo courtesy of David Bickley photography

I love going to the Arnold Classic, I get so excited for it every year. I don’t compete at the AC, I just love to go and have a chance to reconnect with so many members of my “fitness family”. If you are a serious competitor/athlete, you know how different your lifestyle has to be to stay on top of your game. A lot of people don’t quite understand the level of discipline and dedication it takes. There are lot of things you have to say “no” to, there are  a lot of sacrifices that have to be made, and often your family and friends look at you and think that your nuts. That’s why I love going to the Arnold, just being surrounded by people who “get it”, is so much fun!

The Arnold actually falls on my sweetie pie, Micah LaCerte’s birthday, so his big #31, was spent waking up at 3 a.m. so we could get to the airport and catch our flight to arrive in a not so sunny Columbus, OH. This year we were thrilled to have our newest trainer at Hitch Fit Gym, James Hanton, join us for the weekend. James has been a wonderful addition to our team here in Kansas City, we feel so blessed to have found a trainer of his caliber and capability to add to Hitch Fit! We also took along one of Micah’s “Transformation’s in Progress”, Josh. It was fun to see the Classic through the eyes of someone who has never even attended a competition before, he was blown away by the entire event, athletes, activities, competitions, you name it, he had a blast and it has motivated him even more to achieve his fitness goals.

I never get too far away from being in what I consider “photo shoot” shape, and I personally expect myself to be in good condition whenever attending a fitness event. I’m usually no more than 3-5 pounds from where I would ideally like to be, so for the last couple of weeks heading into the AC I tightened up my diet a bit. For me that just means cutting out any “extras” that I might add to my meals, I still eat 6 times per day, and still eat a complex carb with the majority of my earlier meals. I cut out fruit and dairy for a couple of weeks, and start adding in some early morning intense cardio workouts for about 25-30 minutes. This does the trick for my body.

Team Hitch Fit! James Hanton, Diana Chaloux and Micah LaCerte at the AC 2010

Sporting my "Unbreakable" shirt at the AC 2010 with Morris Mendez

Now that the AC is over, it’s back to normal life for a while. We had a wonderful photo shoot this past Sunday with David Bickley, an amazing photographer who is here in Kansas City. For the next couple of months Micah and I are working on several big projects to help grow our gym here in KC, and also expand our online training programs. It should be an exciting couple of months!

Well that’s it for me for now, just settling back into the normal routine of training clients and living the fit life!

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