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Lucas G. Irwin: DAY 1: 117 Days Out

Posted: January 11, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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Weight: 240 pounds

Here we go!!!  I got up and hit up my morning cardio today at Tess Lobon’s Miami Strength and Fitness Club in the Falls area.  I am going to be doing my AM cardio there as opposed to my gym (Brickhouse)  to eliminate any early morning distractions.  When I come to Brickhouse it is virtually impossible for me to walk in and start training without doing some kind of work or worrying about something; training at a different gym allows my to get in that AM cardio with a clear and focused mind.  I will however be training my quads at Brickhouse today; I really cant see myself training my quads anywhere else.

I am hoping to compete at about 200 pounds in May, which will put me at 7 pounds heavier that when I placed 2nd at the WNSO World Championships last year in Montreal.  I am a natrual athlete, so everything has to be absolutely perfect and on point; I have no room for error.  However, with every competition I learn a little bit more about my body and how I react to certain types of training and diets… I am really excited to see how the contest prep is going to work out for me.