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Lucas Irwin: 75 Days Out

Posted: February 22, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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WEIGHT: 216.5

To this point, I am very satisfied with my training and progress.  I am still staying as heavy as I can on all of my lifts and avoiding the 13+ rep ranges, unless it is a burnout.  My waist has really started to shrink and I am seeing the benefits of avoiding direct oblique training this off-season.  I have a pretty thick waist from all the olympic style lifting I did during college football, so I really have to be careful when I hit a lot of powerlifting moves in the off season.  Heavy squats and deadlifts give me plenty of core work; so hitting my obliques directly would really push them out.  I think I may have actually managed to shrink my waist size all together!  Pair that with wider lats and thicker leg development and we may have a nice thing going here!

My diet and training will continue as usual for at least the next 3-4 weeks; I am on a perfect pace and want to keep it that way.  By the way…. I still have not yet had to incorporate that damn treadmill or any other piece of cardio equipment into my training.  Gotta love that!


Soolmaz Hosseini: Not your typical cardio session

Posted: January 27, 2010 by soolmazh in Soolmaz Hosseini
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Can’t get no fresher then this LOL….

Click here to see the video!

Lucas G. Irwin: Farmer Cardio

Posted: January 21, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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I hate the treadmill, the bike and the eliptical as much as the next person; so I love to utilize circuit training to kill the boredom. However, this doesnt mean i throw together 4 different exercises of 15-20 reps a piece; I want to hold on to this new muscle I busted my butt for!  So I tend to combine lower-rep, power and strength movements to jack up my heart rate without turning into a catabolic monster.  Today finished my AM Delt workout with this lovely piece:

Deadlift/Power Shrugs w/ Farmer’s Walk Bar and chains (see below)  10 Reps

Upright Rows 8 Reps

Military Press on Functional Trainer 8 Reps

Lateral Raises 8 Reps

Repeat, 3x

Farmer Cardio

Lucas G. Irwin: 108 Days Out

Posted: January 20, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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WEIGHT: 225 Pounds

Yeah, so the first 15 dropped like nothing. When you really push to gain weight like I did this off season, your body will be holding a good amount of weight that it really cannot wait to get rid of. I knew that this “Garbage Weight” would drop quick, I just didnt really expect it to drop this fast. Im not currently on any kind of fat-burner, but I am hitting either a morning cardio session or early morning weight training everyday before my first meal. Upon waking I am getting a solid dose of Essential Amino Acids and Glutamine to help protect my lean mass and trying to keep my weight training under 60 minutes with high intensity. My current split is as follows:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: AM Cardio/Noon Weight Training

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: AM Weight Training Only

Sunday: OFF….. Completely OFF!

I am sure that my weight loss will begin to slow in the next few days.

Lucas G. Irwin: DAY 1: 117 Days Out

Posted: January 11, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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Weight: 240 pounds

Here we go!!!  I got up and hit up my morning cardio today at Tess Lobon’s Miami Strength and Fitness Club in the Falls area.  I am going to be doing my AM cardio there as opposed to my gym (Brickhouse)  to eliminate any early morning distractions.  When I come to Brickhouse it is virtually impossible for me to walk in and start training without doing some kind of work or worrying about something; training at a different gym allows my to get in that AM cardio with a clear and focused mind.  I will however be training my quads at Brickhouse today; I really cant see myself training my quads anywhere else.

I am hoping to compete at about 200 pounds in May, which will put me at 7 pounds heavier that when I placed 2nd at the WNSO World Championships last year in Montreal.  I am a natrual athlete, so everything has to be absolutely perfect and on point; I have no room for error.  However, with every competition I learn a little bit more about my body and how I react to certain types of training and diets… I am really excited to see how the contest prep is going to work out for me.