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This is not for everyone, the dedication and disciplined required to do this is constant. There aren’t any short cuts it’s just pure hard work!

I notice that people tend to work harder when others are watching, and I find that weak. If you’re not a monster in the dark when no one is cheering you on or watching you lift, then what are you? Do you lose intensity if the gym isn’t crowded with people you know? Does your strength rely on your training partners showing up?

Recently my new training schedule calls for me to work out on Sunday, naturally certain training partners don’t like this. On the seventh day God rests, and last time I checked no human beings fit the description of God, so there shouldn’t be a problem. High volume, grueling ten sets of ten on every exercise, sound fun? Well I love it, but I found that one of my training partners didn’t. I told him, “If you don’t want to work go home, I refuse to have weakness in my area, this is the jungle and I’ve never seen a duck in the jungle.”

To any power lifter, body builder, fitness, or figure model; you’re only as strong as your weakest link. If you have a training partner that has excuses send them home.