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I’m back. Yesterday I threw at the Meet Of Champions at Lehigh U. and threw 39 8.25 for 1st place. This Fri. I leave for Penn State U. for Pa. state championships. I’m ranked 5th in the state as a Jr. Today we had spd sqt., 555lbs 9×3 off a 15-in bx in brfs., rk pulls 455lbs 7×3  w/ pins just above the knee, arch bk gd ams 3×6, leg curls and step-ups 3×8 ea. finished w/ rev hypers, rope abs, rk bnd jumps, bx jumps, med ball toss and sled pulls.Training went well today. Next meet 4/18 in York,Pa. I’d also like to thank Unbreakable Gear for the new shirt. It fits great! Thank You! See you in the WR.