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Lucas Irwin – Coan Phillipi Deadlift Routine

Posted: November 24, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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I decided to take a step away from physique competitions for a while and dive into deadlifting.  While I certainly love the actual training that is required for physique competitions, I dislike the lack of physical competition on the actual day of the show and cannot stand participating in something that is so subjective.  Therefore, I am moving to a much more cut and dry form of physical competition; the deadlift.  I will be competing in the 220lb weight class (at 6’2”) and competing unequipped with tested organizations.  USAPL will be my first.

I have been using the Coan Phillipi Deadlift Routine in preparation for this first meet.  I am 9 weeks into training at this point and will be restarting the routine in 2 weeks with new a new projected max.  I have had to make a lot of technique adjustments to compensate for my additional height, but I am constantly improving and happy with my progress thus far.  I am hoping to pull around 550 in Feb and be around 600lbs by the end of 2011.

Here is my 500lb pull from yesterdays training.


Today I officially started a my new training and nutrition program.  I have no competitions coming up in the near future, so now is a great time to simply train the way I want but with the structure and discipline that is associated with competition prep.  Brickhouse Miami has been blessed with a surge of new business, expansion and overall success over the past few months.  Pairing this welcomed load with that of Unbreakable is certainly a welcomed blessing, but has taken a great deal of focus and attention.  While I am obviously training and training hard, I need to get back on a much more focused and goal oriented program.  So I am.

My program is divided up into numerous training blocks of 3 weeks, all focusing on different rep ranges and rep tempos.  The lifting will incorporate both power/strength movements as well as hypertrophy/growth movements.  I will be cycling my carbs throughout the weeks in accordance with my training, ranging from 600 grams daily to 200 grams daily.  One major difference in this diet, in comparison to previous diets, will be the amount of attention I am paying to fat.  I will actually be focusing on incorporating more fat into my diet in a much more calculated and varied approach.    As far as supplements, I sticking to the basics: Protein, Creatine, Multi-Vitamins, Glutamine, Aminos and some Dextrose (post workout).

While there are certainly many other exercises, the core movements for this program will be:  Deadlifts, weighted pull ups, weighted chin ups, Incline bench press, low flat rack press, behind the neck military, Front squats, RDLs and Power Cleans (w/ full front squat).

I will be posting pics and videos with progress over the next 9 weeks……

What is Your Favorite Post-Workout Potion?

Posted: July 21, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is in regards to post workout supplementation and food.  While there are countless variations, the basic formula is essentially the same.  Ill share with you my current favorite combo…. please post your mixture of choice!!

Post workout Magic:

Stage 1: ASAP

DGC (Dextrose)



Amino Fuel


Vitamin C

Stage 2: 25 Minutes post workout


White Potato or White Rice

Lucas G. Irwin: Tire Flips

Posted: May 28, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin

Thew together this video a couple weeks ago.  This is just a few days after competing at the REAL Lone Star; so my strength was down and I just wanted to prove to myself that I hadnt fallen to far back during prep.

This is my 4th and final set after a full leg workout……

Lucas Irwin: Back to Real Training

Posted: May 21, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin

I’ve never pretended to like contest-prep training; It pretty much sucks.  With a new Challenge Division being added with to the REAL Organization, I have gone back training that is very similar to my NCAA Football training days; just much more educated and calculated.  I am not currently training for pure aesthetics; though I am not sure that I ever really did because I cared far too much about my strength numbers (ego I guess).  I am now training with the purpose of becoming a well-balanced athletic machine.  Strength, explosion, agility and endurance.

I am hitting a bunch of strength moves including, deadlifts, RDLs, Hang-cleans and rack pulls while incorporating heavy circuit training, plyometrics, ladder/hurdle/cone drills, tire flips, sled work and other juicy stuff.  Life is good!!

However, I’ve had a knot in my right trap for about 2 weeks now and it isn’t working itself out (surprise surprise) and stretching isn’t doing anything.  I am going to attempt to get in for a deep-tissue massage this weekend and see if they can find the source.  This is the kind of crap that will lead to injuries if not addressed properly due to imbalances in posture, pull and alignment.  Id like to avoid that.

Lucas G. Irwin – REAL Lone Star

Posted: May 18, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Athlete Blogs, Lucas G. Irwin

Lucas IrwinThe 2010 REAL Lone Star was an amazing event and  I took 3rd in the Male Pro Fitness Model Showdown.  I came in looking exactly how I wanted to look; which was fuller and not so depleted.  While this is one of my lower placings, it is by far the happiest I have been with my appearance.  REAL really has their act together!  This show was very well-organized, well attended, ran smoothly, accurate judging and everyone got tested!!  I emphasize the testing because most “natural” organizations that I have competed with don’t test anyone.

I will be competing in a new division at my next show called the REAL Deal Challenge.  This is an overall test of athleticism, strength and endurance.  This is my style!!  So obviously my training is going to change to a performance based regiment; which I am thrilled about.  It allows me to get back to the training and competition that I love and miss to death!  It isn’t football, but I’ll take it!

I’ll be sure to post more videos of my new training very soon.

Lucas G. Irwin: 4 Days Out

Posted: May 5, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin

The 2010 REAL Lone Star is just about here and I am really looking forward to this event!  The carb, sodium and water manipulation is in effect and I have made some adjustments to help make sure I come in fuller than I did at the World championships.  It looks like ill be hitting the stage at about 200lbs, standing at 6’2”.  Tomorrow I start loading up the carbs and cutting down on the water and will be flying out of Miami tomorrow evening; it will be nice to get to the competition city so early.  I’ll keep posting through Saturday!

Lucas Irwin: 29 Days Out

Posted: April 9, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin

I have been leaner at this point in my training for past shows.  However, it is a result of me really trying to maintain mass and size for the stage this time around.  I do believer I am in a good position still and have already begun to add  additional cardio sessions to my day; so the next few weeks will really be important.

Yesterday I hit an early morning Hamstring-based circuit to kill my hammies and get my heart rate way up:

Heavy RDLs : 3 Reps – 350 lbs

Seated Calf Raises: 25 reps

Seated Leg Curls: 10 Reps – 225 lbs

Hanging Straight Leg Raises: 15

Hanging Knees to Elbows: 15

Kettlebell Swings: 15 – 50 pounds

Jump Squats: 15

Jump Rope: 100

Complete this circuit 5 times…….. Yeah Buddy!!!

Lucas Irwin: 48 Days Out: Diet Alterations

Posted: March 21, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin

We are closing in fast and my diet has finally hit its plateau.  I will now be changing to a diet in which I will be eating every 2 hours from now until the REAL Lone Star Pro Showdown.  I did this for the WNSO World Championships last year and it worked great for me.  However, this does not work for everyone.

Additionally, I will now begin to add in regular cardio.  Yes, up to this point I have not done anything other than sprints; but my diet and the early morning lifts 6 days per week dropped off the fat nicely!  However, cardio will be back in my life for the next 7 weeks in the form of interval training.  NO prolonged jogging; I actually like my muscle and wish to keep it!

I wish.....

Lucas Irwin: 57 Days Out

Posted: March 12, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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Lucas Irwin's Squat Bar

WEIGHT: 209lbs

So I have officially dropped over 30 pounds at this point and I feel great.  My energy levels are sill high and my strength is holding strong.  While I am not shooting for a specific weight, it looks as though I will be competing at 199-201lbs at 6’2”.  This could put me as much as 8 pounds heavier than the last time I stepped on stage….. you gotta love heavy off-seasons filled with deep squats and deadlifts!  Pretty soon I will shift my eating schedule as the final 8 weeks are upon me.. this is going to be a great Pro Showdown in Houston so I have to bring the A game!

Lucas Irwin: 67 Days Out

Posted: March 2, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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WEIGHT: 214lbs

As of this morning, I am down 26 pounds!  I am actually very pleased with how little my strength has gone down; 315 still feels light on the bench, 5 plates on my back doesn’t seem like it is going to crush me and I can still pull over 400 on my RDLs.  I can live with that.  The cutting down seems to be getting easier every time and being able to listen to your body really speeds up the process.  I am dropping fat faster than before, maintaining a great deal of mass and I am actually taking only a few basic supplements (HMB, Aminos, Protein, Creatine, Vit C, Caffeine).  That is pretty damn natural!

Lucas Irwin: 75 Days Out

Posted: February 22, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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WEIGHT: 216.5

To this point, I am very satisfied with my training and progress.  I am still staying as heavy as I can on all of my lifts and avoiding the 13+ rep ranges, unless it is a burnout.  My waist has really started to shrink and I am seeing the benefits of avoiding direct oblique training this off-season.  I have a pretty thick waist from all the olympic style lifting I did during college football, so I really have to be careful when I hit a lot of powerlifting moves in the off season.  Heavy squats and deadlifts give me plenty of core work; so hitting my obliques directly would really push them out.  I think I may have actually managed to shrink my waist size all together!  Pair that with wider lats and thicker leg development and we may have a nice thing going here!

My diet and training will continue as usual for at least the next 3-4 weeks; I am on a perfect pace and want to keep it that way.  By the way…. I still have not yet had to incorporate that damn treadmill or any other piece of cardio equipment into my training.  Gotta love that!

Lucas G. Irwin: 94 Days Out – Hamstrings

Posted: February 3, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin

Nothing maintainss a rock-hard, muscular physique while cutting down better than “short”, high-intensity weight training sessions.  Too many competitors, especially natural competitors, bail on the training that got them where they are in the first place.  You dont need to completely sacrifice weight on the bar in persuit of an optimal heart-rate.  Keep the weight heavy, the reps low and piece together a giant or superset of exercises.  For example, this morning’s hamstring training was as follows:


5 Reps – RDLs

10 Reps – Seated Leg Curls – Focus on the Squeeze

10 Reps – Lying Single-leg Curls – Focus on the Negative

5 Reps – RDLs

Complete this circuit 5 times.

My hamstrings were shot, the weight remained relatively heavy, my heart rate was optimal for about 30 minutes and I didnt tap into my muscle mass for energy!  Your life doesnt need to be spent on the treadmill for 45+ minutes, especially in the early stages of cutting down.

Lucas G. Irwin: 99 Days Out!

Posted: January 29, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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I got a great back workout in today with Alex Stewart of Bentancur Nutrition and  I had a low carb day yesterday and I dont eat before my AM training; so I really had to dial in the mental game today.  Overall, the training was heavy, intense and pretty damn good!  I will keep lifting and hitting a short amount of cardio in the early AM until I get closer to the actual competition; the weight is coming off nicely and it works great for my schedule.  Running Brickhouse and Unbreakable already takes more hours than the day provides, so I need to really utilize the morning burn and my diet.  I will weigh myslef again on Monday just for the sake of doing so, but I am really in-tune with my body right now and am just going with the way i feel…… and I feel Great!

Lucas G. Irwin: 103 Days Out

Posted: January 25, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin

Thus far, all is going as planned.  I have been incredibly busy with both of my businesses; but so long as all of my meals are pre-made, the busy schedule actually makes dieting easy.  I am far too busy to think about any hunger or cravings.

The strength decline that is typically associated with dieting hasnt started to kick in yet.  I feel great everytime I step into the squat rack, do deadlifts or bench; however i am sure this will begin to turn in the next few weeks. I stay pretty heavy throughout my cutting to help ensure that I dont encourage my body to shed muscle mass; it is important that your training style matches your training goals.  Jacking all of your reps to 15+ when you begin to cut is a sure-fire way to destroy your muscle mass.  Let your cardio and diet shed the fat and use your weight training to maintain as much lean mass as possible.

Lucas G. Irwin: Farmer Cardio

Posted: January 21, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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I hate the treadmill, the bike and the eliptical as much as the next person; so I love to utilize circuit training to kill the boredom. However, this doesnt mean i throw together 4 different exercises of 15-20 reps a piece; I want to hold on to this new muscle I busted my butt for!  So I tend to combine lower-rep, power and strength movements to jack up my heart rate without turning into a catabolic monster.  Today finished my AM Delt workout with this lovely piece:

Deadlift/Power Shrugs w/ Farmer’s Walk Bar and chains (see below)  10 Reps

Upright Rows 8 Reps

Military Press on Functional Trainer 8 Reps

Lateral Raises 8 Reps

Repeat, 3x

Farmer Cardio

Lucas G. Irwin: 108 Days Out

Posted: January 20, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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WEIGHT: 225 Pounds

Yeah, so the first 15 dropped like nothing. When you really push to gain weight like I did this off season, your body will be holding a good amount of weight that it really cannot wait to get rid of. I knew that this “Garbage Weight” would drop quick, I just didnt really expect it to drop this fast. Im not currently on any kind of fat-burner, but I am hitting either a morning cardio session or early morning weight training everyday before my first meal. Upon waking I am getting a solid dose of Essential Amino Acids and Glutamine to help protect my lean mass and trying to keep my weight training under 60 minutes with high intensity. My current split is as follows:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: AM Cardio/Noon Weight Training

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: AM Weight Training Only

Sunday: OFF….. Completely OFF!

I am sure that my weight loss will begin to slow in the next few days.

Lucas G. Irwin: 116 Days Out

Posted: January 12, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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I had a high-carb day today and my body is absolutely destroying everything that I eat!  I cycle between a low, medium and high-carb day throughout the week and it looks like I may have to increase my numbers on all of the days until my body adjusts a bit; I don’t want to burn and drop too fast at this point.  I start 16 weeks out so that I can take a much more controlled and paced approach in hopes of maintaining as much muscle mass as possible.  At this point I can eat an 8oz sweet potato, 10oz of chicken and a whole mess of green beans and my stomach feels empty within 30 minutes.  This is a good thing, so long as I adjust and dont let it eat me away.

Lucas G. Irwin: DAY 1: 117 Days Out

Posted: January 11, 2010 by unbreakablegear in Lucas G. Irwin
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Weight: 240 pounds

Here we go!!!  I got up and hit up my morning cardio today at Tess Lobon’s Miami Strength and Fitness Club in the Falls area.  I am going to be doing my AM cardio there as opposed to my gym (Brickhouse)  to eliminate any early morning distractions.  When I come to Brickhouse it is virtually impossible for me to walk in and start training without doing some kind of work or worrying about something; training at a different gym allows my to get in that AM cardio with a clear and focused mind.  I will however be training my quads at Brickhouse today; I really cant see myself training my quads anywhere else.

I am hoping to compete at about 200 pounds in May, which will put me at 7 pounds heavier that when I placed 2nd at the WNSO World Championships last year in Montreal.  I am a natrual athlete, so everything has to be absolutely perfect and on point; I have no room for error.  However, with every competition I learn a little bit more about my body and how I react to certain types of training and diets… I am really excited to see how the contest prep is going to work out for me.