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Krissy Richard- Nationals Bound

Posted: May 25, 2010 by krissyrichard in Athlete Blogs, Krissy Richard

So I have decided to do the USA’s in Vegas July 31st! I have been qualified sine last year in August when i won the Europa Super Show Figure Overall in Dallas.  It will be my first nationals and I have already begun preparing w my workouts and have been back on diet and seeing my nutritionist Keith Klein every two weeks. I am about 9 weeks out right now and am feeling pretty good. So far my diet hasn’t changed much this time around which is easy for me to keep up with and I already know what I need to do. I am working out on my own for the most part and have been without a trainer since January. Working at a gym has helped though because I can always catch a workout before or after work and it really forces me to not get lazy when it comes to doing my cardio; which is always my least favorite part. If I could afford it I would have a trainer all 6 days of my workouts hehe! I love the motivation and the direction and I can just focus on what I’m doing and don’t loose focus or get off track. I may from time to time start working out w trainer friends of mine to keep me motivated throughout my contest prep!

Austin, TX- March 2010

I am really excited to see all of the Texas girls that will be competing at the USA’s because I know there will be a lot of them! I am ready to bring my best EVER body to the stage as I battle it out for the esteemed Pro card so many want! My body has only improved with every show I have done so I can’t wait to start posting progress pics on my facebook so be sure and check it out! I am going to start blogging more often not just about my road to the nationals but also about other topics I get asked so often about like diet, workouts, etc… If you have any suggestions for future blogs also feel free to send me those as well!

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Krissy Richard- Arnold Amateur Experience 2010

Posted: March 30, 2010 by krissyrichard in Krissy Richard

Wow….what a great weekend to end the journey to the stage in Ohio! I had a fabulous time and met some really great people while at the Expo! I saw so many people come by the Labrada booth it was really a good time and competing was the icing on the cake. I have really come to see how much I enjoy the stage and how all of the hard work the past twelve weeks boils down to just a few minutes on stage…it gets better every time! I ended up making the first call out and the Top 10 to come back on Saturday for the Finals. I was so excited to be back for Finals and then getting up there on the stage right in the middle of the Expo was really an amazing experience! I placed 4th and was really happy with the way i looked at Finals. All my Labrada Crew got to watch me since our booth was located right next to the stage. I did make some errors in posing in prejudging but it was a great learning experience and now I am looking forward to the next few weeks of getting back into the swing of things and refocusing on my goals and the year to come. I will be doing my first Nationals this summer beginning with USA’s in Vegas probably and then for sure Jr USA’s in my hometown of Houston. It will be a neat experience to have them here and will make all those last minute preparations so much easier. Hope all of you were able to make it to the Arnold 2010, if not I have some photos posted on my facebook please take a look at those as well! I’ll continue to work on growing my shoulders and back a lil more for Nationals as well as getting my legs even more conditioned this time as they are definitely a work in progress and my own personal struggle! It’s time to take it to the next level!!!

Krissy Richard- 2 weeks to the Arnold Amateur

Posted: February 17, 2010 by krissyrichard in Athlete Blogs, Krissy Richard

So WOW…the time is closer…crazy to think that in just two weeks I will be up on one of the most prestigious stages of the year. The Arnold Amateur 2010 Figure Competition awaits me and I can’t wait!!! This will be one of my biggest shows to date so winning this show would be a huge honor. I am busting my tail for the next two weeks to try and put the finishing touches on what has been a long time coming. I have trained harder this off season than I ever have and have put in a lot of hard work these last 12 weeks as well trying more than ever to be as clean on my diet as possible and never miss a workout no matter the reason. So far I am so pleased with the results I am already seeing. My shoulder caps have grown at least a 1/4 of an inch in the last 3 months as well as my back has gotten wider. My proportions are coming in a lot nicer this time around and I can’t wait to see this body even leaner than it currently is at 8%. My nutritionist (Keith Klein) is so pleased with the way I look and the improvements I have made in just a short amount of time since last year. I will have a little more muscle this time around but of course we will have to see if the judges like what they see. Regardless I have worked harder and trained harder than I ever have in my entire life this time around… When i get on that stage in two weeks I will undeniably be in the best shape I have ever been in…therefore…I have already won. 🙂

Columbus, Ohio better be ready for me because I am packing a lot of punch in this 4ft 10 package!!!

PS. I will also be working the Labrada Nutrition Booth while at the Expo in between competing so be sure to come by say hi and pick up some goodies!!!  Would love to see all of you there! Hope you can make it!

Krissy Richard- Figuring out Fitness

Posted: February 5, 2010 by krissyrichard in Athlete Blogs, Krissy Richard

May 09Hello Everyone and Welcome~

First off I wanted to say I am so blessed and honored to have been asked to be a part of this blog. Among the other amazing athletes I feel like a baby among the group in the Fitness Industry with so much to look forward to and aim for in the future that I can only hope to accurately portray my enthusiasm for the sport through my blogs. This is my first time to ever blog so this is a learning experience for me and I want to share my experiences with those so that we can all inspire and motivate each other to continue to live clean healthy active lifestyles.

I began my quest a year ago walking through a store and seeing a spread of Jamie Eason in a magazine… I was blown away by her beauty and physique. She was very feminine yet had a very toned muscular look to her that I had never dreamed I could achieve. Just a few days after I had a friend request from someone on myspace and wouldn’t you know Jamie Eason’s profile was on their Top Friends… as silly as this story started out I sent Jamie a message just to tell her how blown away I was and that she had inspired me to begin getting in better shape for myself. I was never overweight but had no idea how to weight train and had always just done cardio and a few of the machines I was familiar with. I was surprised when she wrote me back and told me that her first trainer Jolene Carter was in my area of Houston. I contacted Jolene and signed up for her next bootcamp as a way to start my journey to being FIT. After seeing Jolene and being convinced by not only her and my Nutritionist Keith Klein (who Jamie had also seen years before) that I could achieve the body Jamie had and that I should think about competing in Figure. I had never heard of figure competitions or had any clue how to get ready for one but with their guidance I began in Feb training for my first show which was to be in Houston the FAME Lonestar. I continued to see results through my diet and weight training and that for first time in my life I had a six pack and could really see drastic changes happening to my body. I not only looked better on the outside but I felt better too. Always struggling with heartburn and acid reflux I was beginning to notice I was hardly even needing to take medicine anymore.

Two weeks before the FAME show I went in to see Keith and was at  6% body fat….he challenged me to compete later that week at the NPC Texas Shredder. I began posing just a few days before the show and got my suit the day before i left for my old college home…Austin, TX. I not only shocked my friends who came to see me but surprised myself as well with a 3rd place finish in Figure A at my first ever show just months after I had begun weight training. That was the beginning of an itch. Everyone loves to win and I was no different… Two weeks later I was up on stage again at the FAME Lonestar in Houston and placed 2nd in Fitness Model, 3rd in Bikini Open, and 3rd in Figure. I was then awarded The Most Outstanding Athlete “The Lonestar Award” at the end of the show. It was an amazing feeling to feel that way on stage with family and friends in my hometown and be up for one of the Overall Awards. I then vowed to take my training to an even higher level of dedication and motivation that would then carry me to the Europa Super Show Overall  win just two months later in Dallas, TX. My greatest victory to date in competition and hopefully only the beginning of an even more successful competition season in 2010. I will continue to push myself and my body to limits I never even dreamed of achieving just a year ago…Watch out Fitness Industry you’ve never seen this much determination and perseverance under 5 feet!! 🙂