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It’s been a damn good week so far. I’ve seen great progress in my body. The hard part for me now it not to push too hard. I know it’s all or nothing time and it’s in the back of my mind constantly. I’m still with my workout partners, but as my cardio demands increase, I’ll have to adjust my workouts and possibly lose them for my evening workouts. Posing practice will start at the end of this week and I feel strong as ever.

Chest day- everyone loves chest.  I’ve always had a love hate relationship with chest. I’m very tall and my arms are longer then most. I have horrible shoulders due to injuries playing basketball all those years so I have to be mindful constantly of protecting my shoulders while hammering the pecs. Today I’ll start off with Decline d-bells. I usually go up to the 145lbs for my heavy sets. I do at least two all out sets with the d bells then start to come down to get some blood pumped in that muscle. After that, I’ll do some power pressing in the incline position on the smith machine to really blow out the upper pec area. Then we start with cable work to stimulate the center of the pecs and go for heavy weight, medium reps and focus on squeezing hard as possible on each rep to totally burn that thing out. I usually do a total of 10 sets for that body part because I’m not trying to grow anymore I just want to stimulate that area and obtain maximum pump through squeezing and not volume. Hope my partners are ready for this one.

For the last two movements, I’ll do some light to medium tricep work to finish off that area as well. 6 weeks and feeling a little behind schecule, but looking good at this point.


Everette Henderson – Shifting Gears

Posted: February 23, 2010 by Day1Fitness in Everett Henderson

I finally feel like I’m back in the groove. Things have been so crazy around here that I’ve been barely able to focus on my training. I’m in the gym grinding it out, but  my thoughts have been on other things. Promotion to supervisor, Promotional appearances, and helping friends out at the gym has kept me way busy. Now I have 8 weeks to really get things in gear for photos and hitting the stage.

Training heavy as always and feeling way stronger than this time last year. My workout partners have allowed me to push myself harder with a different level of confidence because I know they are there spotting me if I get in trouble. I continue to focus on a lot of static contractions as my way of pre-exhausting the muscle before my heavy sets. I feel I get a better pump this way and I don’t have to go as heavy during the big sets to get the same results. The last thing I need right now is to twinge a muscle or get tendonitis so I don’t want to go heavier than I need to achieve maximum pump. My rep range continues to stay around 8 to 10 reps except the last movement. I may go 12 to 15 reps on the last movement to make sure the muscle is pumped and my skin is way tight. (you know the feeling) Not getting to drastic on the diet yet because I’m a cardio freak and need to stay fed so I don’t wilt away.  Will be incorporating some major sprint work soon so I can keep the lower quads.

Everette Henderson: Motivation

Posted: February 9, 2010 by Day1Fitness in Everett Henderson

It’s funny how things work out. I’ve been very hesitant about taking on a workout partner. I’ve worked out on my own for years and didn’t want to allow anyone to get in the way of progress. Don’t get me wrong, when people ask for help, I help them out with diet and exercise tips. But actually taking someone on fulltime, had me worried. Not only did I take on one partner I took on two. The coolest part about it is now I’m more motivated than ever. I want success for them almost as much as I want it for myself. Now I find myself being more true to my workouts. I make sure I’m showing them correct form, as I know it, and I also make sure I push myself as hard as I am pushing them. I’ve always been motivated to get ready for show time, but now I’m more motivated than ever.  Sometimes change can be  a good thing.

Everette Henderson: 1/31/10 Leg Training

Posted: February 1, 2010 by Day1Fitness in Everett Henderson

Yesterday was a killer leg workout. I love going heavy and do my best not to tear up my knees. I cycle my leg training between heavy (f0r me) and volume work. I started it off with some light leg extensions to warm up and make sure I had a pretty good pump going before getting to it. My first movement was one leg press. I use this one because again I get to engage the quads, but most of the focus is on the qlute and ham. I go pretty heavy with this one end the 4th set with around 400lbs loaded on the Leg press.

Next I change my foot position to hit the tear drop. I go up to about 600lbs and hit about 4 sets and stay around the 10 to 15 rep range. I’m really careful about hitting this area because the knees will be crazy sore if I go too heavy (playground Basketball is a killer on the knees).

Now I can start moving it. I change my foot position again to hit the front of the quads and outer sweep. I load it up for about 4 good sets with around 1000lbs on the leg press and do pause press sets. I pause at the bottom of the movement for the first four reps to make sure my quads are really being taxed and I’m not using momentum.  I try to get 10 to 12 reps in for each set. I usually superset these movements with seated calf raises. Hell, I’ll rest when I get home. I’m here to work.

Last, I’ll move to leg extensions and super set this with laying leg curls. I hit the quads from all angles for about 25 to 30 reps to really get the quads pumped and hard. I immediately move to leg curls for a good 15 reps with no rest. By the end of the third round, I usually can’t breath. If I have anything left, I will do calf raises superset with one leg dead lifts to finish the hams off.

Yesterday I was really pumped and I’m sure it’s because I used a  little Jacked prior to my workout. I usually don’t do pre workout supplements because they get me way to hyped and I tend to over train.  Saturday was a horrible diet day for me, so I needed a little extra to get me going Sunday afternoon for my workout.