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Finding the motivation that drives you.

Posted: May 23, 2010 by daveridlen in Athlete Blogs, Dave Ridlen

Many of us have at a time or two have forgotten what makes us who we are today. How many times have you let the weight on the bar, special tools or ego get in the way of growing or getting stronger, listening to your body, focusing on what worked in the past, ect…. This has just recently happened to me and I know better, but everyone has done this in their career at least once because we have forgotten one major thing…..”The basics that got you there”!

Sometimes it’s the loss of motivation that destroys that driving force that keeps you going when it seems as though everything else is against you. This happens when you bomb out, don’t reach a goal, maybe lose a competition “if you’re as competitive as I am”, get hurt or even lose a great training partner.

It seems that when life is really getting the best of us the first thing to go is our motivation, yet this is the time when we need it the most.

When you lose all the personal drive to keep moving forward in life you become vulnerable to all sorts of self-defeating psychological problems. This happened this past year with the loss of my sister. I didn’t care about the gym cause I didn’t have anything to prove. My work suffered which made money tight and bills got behind. If I went to the gym, I looked in the mirror and put myself down, the weight on the bar felt heavy, so I wouldn’t try for another set or just finally go home cause I was embarrassed. My heart was heavy.

You lose all enthusiasm for those things that are most important in your life; it may be family or a project that once meant something to you. I didn’t play with my step-sons as much, didn’t want to go out with the wife, or hang with friends, I missed my car club meetings, so see, it’s not just the gym, it effects our family life as well.

Our whole goal in life is to live happy, successful, productive lives. But when you experience a loss of motivation your goals that once meant so much to you are no more than a distant memory.

So what do you do to get back on track?

For me I got out my old programs from years back and looked at the programs that worked, watched some good videos on YouTube to pump me up, talked to other lifters like my crew in Arizona and Iowa and talked to some people who are experts in getting off track, if that is a good thing…lol.

I have made new goals to push me, made a little wager with a president of a federation and watched his videos, talk to people who always push me and post what I do. Now, I am not bragging when I post my workouts, it’s more like, I know I need to do better next week or the next time I do this certain workout because people are watching me. I look at others workouts and wonder if I can do that, and now and then, I try what they have done, and if I don’t do what they do if we are close to the same max, I get really motivated.

I eat better, because if I eat clean, I want to lift harder to see and feel the results. When I feel better, I may wear a shirt that’s a little tight, and when someone stares and makes one of those comments like “who does he think he is” or “he must be on something”, I say thank you in my head because I must be doing something right!!

Now you, please feel free to share what gets you off track or back on. What motivates you like no other?




Dave Ridlen: New World, New Chances.

Posted: March 25, 2010 by daveridlen in Dave Ridlen

This is my first blog, and I am very excited to have the chance to write this and share my power lifting experiences. I would like to thank Lucas for letting me do this. This is a test blog, so please be patient with me. I am looking forward to posting competition results, training programs, nutritional diets and most of all, just chatting with all of you. I am not a perfect by any means, there may be misspellings and punctuation problems, but you will get the point. See you in the future blogs. Thanks Unbreakable!!

Da’ Riddler