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Bjorn Moncur: Only the Strong

Posted: April 24, 2010 by bjornmoncur in Athlete Blogs, Bjorn Moncur

During workouts I don’t like crying, complaining, or people talking about injuries.  The energy it gives off is weak and destroys the aggressiveness of the workout.  One of my workout partners and I were getting ready to do dead lifts, I had been up since 5am and it’s now 8:30 pm, yet, no one is complaining.  We’re in the zone; a very intense & tough place to be in if you can’t handle it! Weak links try to attack the zone with excuses; “You know man I haven’t’ eaten all day” But the zone is well protected, so the weakness knocks, but cannot enter.  Then the zone is attacked again; “I’m tired, I didn’t have a nap today, you know I pulled my groin.”  As a defender of the iron jungle I combat the weakness head on. 

Many people don’t understand training is a battle and if you don’t want to fight go home or be destroyed.  80 percent of this is mental, so I’ve spent the entire day visualizing my lift. If you come with a weak spirit of defeat you have already lost, even though you haven’t lifted any weight.  The battle doesn’t care if you’re tired, if you had a long day, or if your wife wants you to stay home and not lift.  In battle you live or die, and I come to war ready to punish plates. 

I asked these guys what if someone just ran up and punched you in the mouth what would you do? Would you say hey man I’m tired, I didn’t eat today, or my wife wants me to come home?  Or would you defend yourself?  Naturally you would defend yourself, so why don’t people come prepared to do battle?  When I’m in the gym I let my workout partners know, I don’t care what your wife or girlfriend wants.  I don’t care about your mother or father.  If there is an emergency they can dial 911!  I’m here to do battle in the iron jungle, and if you have not prepared and come to fight then we must label you a traitor!

I stay aggressive and focused, the world record for bench press is being hunted by me.  I stalk my prey head on and when we meet it will be defeated.  Everyone has a life and responsibilities, I can deal with that, but bringing weakness into the zone cannot be tolerated. In the movie “Apocalypto” a father says to his son; “Fear is a sickness do not bring into the village.”  Don’t be afraid to be dedicated, you may lose some friends on this path, and fellas maybe even some girlfriends.  Who cares, if they don’t respect the zone you don’t need them in your life.  Ducks don’t mate with lions, and tigers don’t mate with sloths.  Only the strong should surround you, only the dedicated will understand this is unbreakable.  Willing to cut anyone out of your circle, if they interfere with the journey. People wear shirts and slogans but do they truly know what it means?


This is not for everyone, the dedication and disciplined required to do this is constant. There aren’t any short cuts it’s just pure hard work!

I notice that people tend to work harder when others are watching, and I find that weak. If you’re not a monster in the dark when no one is cheering you on or watching you lift, then what are you? Do you lose intensity if the gym isn’t crowded with people you know? Does your strength rely on your training partners showing up?

Recently my new training schedule calls for me to work out on Sunday, naturally certain training partners don’t like this. On the seventh day God rests, and last time I checked no human beings fit the description of God, so there shouldn’t be a problem. High volume, grueling ten sets of ten on every exercise, sound fun? Well I love it, but I found that one of my training partners didn’t. I told him, “If you don’t want to work go home, I refuse to have weakness in my area, this is the jungle and I’ve never seen a duck in the jungle.”

To any power lifter, body builder, fitness, or figure model; you’re only as strong as your weakest link. If you have a training partner that has excuses send them home.

Video of Bjorn “Swoll” Moncur at RAW Unity

Posted: February 8, 2010 by acoopfigure in Bjorn Moncur

Hey guys!

For my first post I bragged about fellow Unbreakable Athlete, Bjorn Moncur’s success at the RAW Unity Championships. This is a little follow up of that:

After his very first meet “BJ” is now ranked 17th for Raw bench press in the United States and 29th in the WORLD. WOW! Below is a video of him clearing 545lbs easily at the RAW meet, the lift that broke the record in his weight class. Again, congrats to Bjorn!!