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1) Find a program that will best suit YOU. Everyone is different. You may have an injury or condition where a program may not be suited for you. Always consult a qualified trainer to make sure that the new program will not hurt you. If you begin into a fitness program that is not just right for you, it can cause more injuries and a lot of frustration.

2) Set realistic goals. Make sure that the body you are striving towards has an achievable time line. The program should also be practical and not give you false hopes. It is important to be aware of the obstacles you might encounter in your daily life. Once a program has been decided upon, then you can set goals and deadlines that are realistic.

3) Exercises should target muscle tone, definition, balance and build. This is important because, when you develop muscles, you burn more calories! If you are trying to lose weight then by burning more calories you are lessening body fat. Multi-joint exercises (such as lunges and step-ups) and weight lifting are great for this. Learn what exercises work on specific parts of your body. The more knowledge you bring into the gym, the more progress you will get!

4) Be systematic when working on your muscles. Over time your muscles should be working harder! Repeating the same sets of exercises and same weight will only lead you into an exercise slump, and your results will minimize. Record your daily results and make the progression based on your previous information. A log is a great motivational tool as well; you’ll feel great looking back at where you started and the progress you’ve made.

5) Variety is key in your exercise programs. You can change your exercises, goals and sets every six weeks to keep you motivated and feeling fresh. This will help to prevent you from becoming bored and losing energy physically and mentally.

6) Be competitive! The best way to become a gym addict is to allow healthy competition either with a partner, or within yourself as a part of your program. If at the gym with a friend, challenge him/her to a push-up competition, if you are alone, get your log out and compete against your best set and see if you can do more reps or a heavier weight.


The Weekend Workout Radio Show

Posted: February 8, 2010 by acoopfigure in Ashley Cooper
Hey Hey!
I am very excited to announce that I have been asked to be a guest on a radio show called “The Weekend Workout”.
Catch me live on the air this Sunday Feb. 14th at 4:15pm. If you are in the South Florida area tune into 1470AM WNN Radio. If you are outside of the area or would like to listen live on the web, tune into
I will be discussing everything I have going on in fitness; personal training, modeling, articles as well as my pregnancy and new book I’m working on!
Be sure to tune in and show me some love on Valentines Day at 4:15 pm!

Ashley Cooper: This is me!

Posted: February 6, 2010 by acoopfigure in Ashley Cooper, Athlete Blogs

Hey guys!

Just taking a moment to introduce myself to you, in my first post I had to brag about my fellow Unbreakable Athlete, Bjorn’s record-breaking lift!

My name is Ashley Cooper, I am a national level NPC figure competitor, as well as a fitness writer, fitness model, and personal trainer. Before I entered the world of figure in winter of 2007, my passion for competition began at an early age, and I was heavily involved with athletics my entire life. I played them all; basketball, softball, tennis, diving, dance and my top two favorites, track & field and gymnastics. I earned MPV in both track and gymnastics in high school and was acting team captain in both sports.

I went to college at the University of Miami where I studied English with a focus on Journalism and Sports Administration. I had planned on becoming a sports caster and landed many wonderful opportunities with internships in the industry. I started with radio at WQAM sports radio then moved into television with CBS and ABC Sports in Miami and in LA. As exciting as these jobs were, I always felt like something was missing…I did not feel complete interviewing people about their wins and losses, I wanted to be the one who was being interviewed! I missed being competitive, and going to the gym just to “maintain” simply was not doing it for me.

Soon I discovered the world of figure by picking up an Oxygen magazine and just being inspired. I felt like I could be one of those girls on the cover and in the pictures on the stage. Life is too short to second guess a passion, if you want something, just go for it! So I did, and now two years later I am a national competitor, have done a number of photo-shoots for some of the top fitness websites, released my first workout DVD, began writing for fitness sites and am blessed to be training with some of the top people in the industry!

As mentioned in my bio, I am currently expecting my first child (6 weeks to go!), stay tuned for many more blogs from me about figure, staying in shape while pregnant, and getting my hardcore physique back in time for a huge photo shoot at summer’s end and for the stage!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful and productive weekend!

RAW Unity Powerlifting Championships

Posted: January 30, 2010 by acoopfigure in Ashley Cooper, Athlete Blogs

Hey guys!

I am currently up in Tampa, Florida supporting fellow Unbreakable athlete Bjorn Moncur. Bjorn just competed in his first powerlifting meet EVER and broke the meet record not once but TWICE!!!!

Bjorn is 27 years old, weighs 271 lbs, and broke the RAW Unity record for more than doubling his weight in bench press. He had three attempts  and broke the record on his second and then again on his third attempt, with a final lift of 567.5lbs.

Stay tuned to to see videos, pictures and interviews of Bjorn at the RAW Unity Championships!

Bjorn Moncur - Unbreakable