Tuan Tran – Powerlifting/Bodybuilding

Tuan Tran Unbreakable Gear

Tuan Minh Cao Tran

Organization (s): TIhealthandfitness, BONA Foundation, REAL

Categories/Divisions: RAW Powerlifter in 198 lbs Class, Pro Natural Bodybuilder

Pro? Yes in both

Height/Weights (on and off season): Off Season: 198 for powerlifting, 202 max, On: 175 to 180 lbs

Education/Certifications: Certifications Through ACE, NASM, ISSA, Degree in Nutrition, Minor in Exercise Science

Competitions & Placing:

2005: FAME Houston, Texas: 1st Place Fitness Model

2005: FAME World Championships Toronto, Canada: 8th Place Fitness Model

2006: NPC John Sherman Houston, Texas: 2nd Place Novice Light Weight

2006: NGA Houston, Texas: 2nd Place Novice Light Weight

2007: WABDL “Don’t be Scared” Humble, Texas:  1st Place Bench, 1st Place Deadlift in 181 Weight Class

2007: Musclemania Super body Miami, Florida: 1st Place Novice Light Weight

2007 NGS Southern Championships Houston Texas: 4th Place Open Light Weight

2007 Mucslemania Hollywood World Championships: L.A California: 7th Open Middle Weight

2008 MuscleMania Universe Miami, Florida: 4th Place Open Middle Weight

2009 Texas Shedder Classic: 6th Place Open Middle Weight

2009 Fame Houston Texas: 3rd Place Open Middle Weight

2009 MuscleMania Universe Miami, Florida: 2nd Place Open Middle Weight

2009 AAPF Powerlifting Meet Humble, Texas: 1st Place Overall Winner

2009 USAPL Powerlifting Meet Austin, Texas: 1st Place RAW 198 Open Mens

Lifts/Weights/Records: ALL LIFTS RAW (NO GEAR) Bench: 402, Squat: 600, Deadlift: 551

Sponsors and their webpage:

Personal website: http://myhitechtrainer.com/tihealthandfitness <http://myhitechtrainer.com/tihealthandfitness>

Social websites (Facebook, Myspace, etc…): Search my name on Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, REAL, Bodyspace

Hobbies/Interests: Flag football, Movies, Grilling Food, Video Games, Spend time with Girlfriend


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