Jon Marshall – Powerlifter

Jon Marshall Unbreakable

Jonathan Marshall, Powerlifter

Jonathan Marshall is a world class powerlifting champion having won 14 national titles and 4 world championships. In addition to these great feats he was also named powerlifter of the year an astonishing 4 times throughout his powerlifting career.

Age: 36

Place of Birth: California
Current Residence: Tucson
Height: 5′ 7″
Contest Weight: 198 lbs.
Off-Season or Training Weight: 215 lbs.
Contest History: 14 time national and 4 time world champion and 4 time powerlifter of the year.
Best Squat: Unofficial 700# in a meet/Official 655#.
Best Bench: Unofficial 435# in a meet/Official 402#.
Best Deadlift: Official 611#.
Occupation (Describe a typical day): Personal trainer/health club manager: I work 9 a.m. – 7p.m. Monday- Fridays. I train people to become the best they can and reach their goals.
Ethnic Origin: Hispanic/Scottish
I I started competing in the 8th grade. My dad wanted me to get stronger for high school sports. I wrestled, played football, track, and powerlifting. My coach entered me in a high school meet. The football coach saw that I beat three of his players and wanted me on their lifting team as well as the football team. I loved it.. I lifted wityh USPF, USAPL, and my favorite is NASA.. After about 5 years competing by myself i decided to create a team.. Team Power & Intensity was formed
Team Power & Intensity is a lifting team I put together with old training partners, friends, and clients. We have been ranked #1 in the nation several times, so I guess I picked some good guys. was formed to expose my team mates and help us get some sponsorship.

  1. strngthcch says:

    I have competed with John on and off since 2002. Great guy. Always great to see John on the platform. Best of luck in the future and see you on the platform.

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