Everette Henderson, Pro Fitness Model

Everett Henderson - Unbreakable

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WNSO/Fit Sciences/REAL, Pro Fitness Model & Muscle Model

Height:  6’5”

Weight: 210-225 lbs

Education/Certifications: Bachelors Degree working on Nutritional Counselor certification.

Competitions & Placing:

2009 Fit Sciences Championships, 4th place Fitness Model Pro

2008 FAME North American Championships, 3rd place Fitness Model Pro, 3rd place Muscle Model Pro

2008 FAME South Central Championships, 1st place Fitness Model Open

Lifts/Weights/Records: I don’t really lift for records, I just go heavy, go hard, and then go home. I want to stimulate the muscles and not focus on moving weights.

Sponsors and their webpage:


Social websites:


Hobbies/Interests: In my spare time I love Motorcycle Drag Racing. I’ve drag racing over a decade and I ride a 2001 Suzuki Hayabusa. I also love doing Boxing workouts and have attempted climbing in the ring on a few occasions. I realized at that moment I wasn’t as tough as I thought I was. I had a hell of a headache after that experience.  I also enjoy rock climbing and river rafting and work on a ROPES course as a team building facilitator. Rappelling off our 60’ tower is my favorite part of the day. I recently got a cool 35mm digital camera so watch out now.


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