Dave Ridlen

David M. Ridlen

Age: 35

Current Residence: Saint Joseph MO.

Hometown: Imperial NE.

Organization: N.A.S.A, just joined and will be competing soon in USAPL.

Categories/Divisions: RAW BENCH PRESS

Pro? YES

Height/Weights: 5’10”/275lbs on season; 290lbs off season


Chest:54 ¼”


Legs:25 ½”

Neck:20 ½”


Forearms:14 ¾”

Education/Certifications:College Grad, Police Academy Grad in ’05 with honors, Sharp Shooter award and Form Leader

Competitions & Placing:

NASA Kansas Regionals (1st place in all categories) Novice, Open, Sub-Masters Pure, Sub-Masters 1 and Team Champions

NASA Natural Nationals (1st place in all  categories) Open, Pure, Sub-Masters Pure, Sub-Masters 2 and Team Runner Ups

1 and 2nds and 3rds and many little meets trying to get good enough to get with the big boys! Now I am here.


485lb Raw bench- MO state record- Novice and Sub Masters 1

507lb Raw bench- MO state record- Open, Pure, Sub-Masters Pure and Sub-Masters 2

507lb Raw bench- NASA American Records- Pure and Open

507lb Raw Bench- NASA World Records- Pure, Open and Sub-Masters

I am currently in the Top 100 Men’s Unequipped Bench Press in the 7th place as of March 18th.

Sponsors and their webpage: Just picked up this week Nutri-Sports (Ryan Irwin) http://nutrisportfpt.com/

Social websites: facebook

Hobbies/Interests: Demolition Derbies, Speaking to kids at schools or FCA, Member of the Northwest Missouri Street Rods Inc. and in charge of their facebook account.

Up coming events: Fund Raiser Bench Press competition for Missouri Western Phikappa on March 31st. I won my class and over all last year.

NASA Iowa Regional on April 17th in Des Moines and be on team Nutri-Sports.

Iowa State Games on July 18th, Bench Press Games.

NASA Pro Power Sports on October 17th in OKC. Hope to bench 550lbs.


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