Bjorn “Swoll” Moncur, Powerlifting

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Raw Power Lifter

Weight Class: 275 lbs

Education/Certifications: University of Miami/ NESTA Certified

Competitions & Placing:

RAW Unity Championships 2010:

– Placed 3rd in Bench Press

– Broke RAW Unity’s Bench Press Record for the 275lb Weight Class

– Currently Ranked 17th in the United States for RAW Bench Press (after first competition)

-Currently Ranked 29th in the World for RAW Bench Press (after first competition)

Hobbies/Interests: Lifting weights has been a huge passion of mine since I can remember. From a young age I was reading books on how to put on muscle and increase strength. To this day, I am constantly studying and reading up on how to improve in these areas. I will also be competing in squats and dead lift, however, bench press will be my primary focus. I will not be content until I am ranked # 1 in the world for RAW bench press, and until I break the world record.

Other Info: I am a personal trainer and am responsible for shaping some of the best bodies in the fitness industry. Before I was a power lifter I had a strong background in sports. Football was my main focus up to my college years where I switched my priority over to power lifting.

Sponsors: Unbreakable Gear

Personal website: Coming Soon

Photo by: Henry Planes


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