Anna McCloskey, Powerlifting, Teen

Anna McCloskey Unbreakable

Anna McCloskey, Powerlifting

Organization (s): Independent

Categories/Divisions: Female Open/ Teen 181 or 198

Height/Weights(on and off season): 5’9 181lbs(on) and 5’9 185lbs (off)

Education/Certifications: Junior at Cardinal O’Hara High School Springfield, PA

Competitions & Placing:

2007-multi-181lbs- PL Rankings- SQT 7th/BP 16th /DL 7th /TOT 8th

2007-multi-198lbs-PL Rankings- SQT 1st/BP 12th/DL 3rd /TOT 8th

2007- single-198lbs-PL Rankings- SQT 14th/BP 12th/DL 4th/TOT 8th

2008-All American & All World Team- PLWatch

2008-multi-181lbs- PL Rankings- SQT 4th /BP 7th /DL 3rd /TOT 4th

2008-multi-198lbs- PL Rankings- SQT 2nd /BP 3rd /DL 3rd /TOT 3rd

2009-181lbs RAW- PL Rankings- SQT 5th /BP 13th /DL 3rd /TOT 5th

2010-multi- 181lbs- Eq- PL Rankings- SQT 3rd/BP 7th/DL 3rd/TOT      3rd present

Ranked 15th in the 198lb All-Time Heaviest Squats on the PLWatch as a 15 year old


12/13: AAU JR Olympics-‘05-Eq-181lbs (127.5/65/130-322.50kilo)

AAU JR Olympics-‘06-Eq-181lbs (155/75/165-395 kilo)

WNPF World Records-Eq-181lbs (325/150/305- 780lbs)

13/15: IPA World Records-Eq-181lbs (535/280/450-1205lbs)

IPA World Records-Eq-198lbs (575/285/445-1260lbs)

AAU World Records-Eq-198lbs (336/226/429-991lbs)

AAPL American Records-Eq-181lbs (192.5/97.5/170-460   kilo)

16/17: IPA Raw World Records-181lbs (340/185/410-935lbs)

WNPF Raw World Records-181lbs (BP-176lbs & DL-424lbs)

100% Raw World Record-181lbs (BP-176lbs)

100% Raw All-Time Record-181lbs (DL-440lbs)

ADAU Raw Single Lift American Records-    181lbs(286/181/406lbs)

IPA-Eq 16-17 World Records (500/265/460-1225lbs)

Sponsors and their webpage: Westcary Barbell

Personal website: No

Social websites (Facebook, Myspace, etc…): No

Hobbies/Interests: Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Track, Guitar, My Dogs ( 2Moes and Rocky), Large Game Safari Hunting (haha just kidding)

  1. Larry Pratt, UD Women's Throws Coach says:

    Miss McCloskey: For 47 years I have been looking for a young lady who love “iron”. I would love the opportunity to share my hopes and dreams about academics, coaching and lifting here at Delaware. If there is any chance for Delaware to “snatch” you away from all the other schools who would love to have you on their team, please email me.

    Don’t know my chances but I just could not let the opportunity to recruit you go by without a try. Lift Big, Train Hard and ThrowFAR. coach Pratt

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