Posted: December 27, 2012 by squat1000 in Athlete Blogs

My training for the week of 12/24/12.
Mon-Spd BPs RAW
95lbs plus 8-chains 9×2
195LBS 4X6
SHLDR PRS-175lbs-6×3

Tues-Spd Sqts
Bx-535 plus 10 chains 7x2x1x2x1x2x1x1
RK DLs-395 plus 4 chains 5×1
Arch Bks-655lbs 3×8

Thurs-Hvy BPs
4-Brd Prs-435lbs 5×1
Rv Bnd Prs-735lbs 5×1
Flr Prs-385lbs 5×1
Clns-165lbs 5×3

Fri Goals-DLS
Rv Bnd 875lbs 5×1
Blk DLs-455 plus 2 chains 5×1
Bnd DLs-red bnd-405 5×1
Sissys-675lbs 3×8

Each day I did a Pre and Post warm-up/down, conditioning,Speed and Agility Drills Throws,and running.


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