Posted: December 21, 2012 by squat1000 in Athlete Blogs

Well training has been going great this past week. I was in my new Metal briefs to squat and DL.They felt great.
Tues-spd. sqts.-405 plus 14-chns-9×3
Rv. Bnd. DL’S-755 -7×3
ARCH BKS-655 3X8
Assistants and pre and post warm-up/downs.
Mon-spd bp’s-w/slingshot-135 plus 10 chns. 9×3
BP’s raw-185 4×6
Shldr Press-155 6×3
assistants and pre and post warm-up/down.
Thurs-HVY BP’S-with MadDog
4-Brd Prs-465 5x2x1x2x1x1
Rv Bnd. Prs-785 5x2x1x2x1x1
Flr Prs-405 5x2x1x2x1x1
Assistants and pre and post warm-up/down
high bx.-755 5×2
BLK DL’S W/ 4-CHNS-415 5×2
BLK DL’S W/double red bnd. 365 5×2
Sissy-655 3×8
Assistants and Pre andPost Warm-up/down.
I’m home until Jan 2nd and then it’s back to Auburn to finish up training for the Opening Day of Indoor Season on the 12th. See you in the WR.


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