Posted: December 6, 2012 by squat1000 in Athlete Blogs

Well I’m here to update everyone on my training. It’s been a while since my last entry and this was due to school, job, studying, throwing practice, weight training for track and powerlifting training. Very busy schedule.For the 2012 season in track and field at Auburn University,Indoor I FINISHED IN THE TOP 20 THROWERS IN THE sec IN THE SHOT AND THE WEIGHT, I finished 13th in the SEC in the shot and 19th in the hammer for outdoor.I also placed in the top 10 female throwers for Auburns all-time throwers in the shot and the hammer.We started training for the 2013 season in Sept. and our first indoor meet is mid Jan. and will keep you posted.
For the 2012 powerlifting season, this was short. Iwraped up track at the end of May and started training for the Europa in CT. during July. My lifts there were; SQT-570, BP-315, DL-475,TOT-1360. Then in Nov. I competed in Las Vegas at The WPC World Championships. I competed in Raw and Equipped, Raw-SQT-347, BP-192.5, DL469.5, Tot-1015, Tied for 1ST place in the Open, won the Teen Division,set World Records in in all the teen Divisions, and in the Open set World marks in the DL and tot. Also won best lifter in the Teen Division. Raw BP only, BP-198, won Teen Division and Best Lifter,Teen World Record and Open took Silver. In the Equipped Division, BP ONLY-292..5,Teen World mark, First Place and best Lifter in Teen Division, took Silver in the Open. Didn’t have a good day in the Equipped Full Power and didn’t get a squat in, blew out my briefs, not a good day.
That is about it for now. I will keep you posted on the 2013 season. See You In The WR


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