bench day!

Posted: July 31, 2012 by squat1000 in Athlete Blogs

Felt pretty good today! When I woke up I drank a 5-hour energy and I think that worked well. Decided to de-load a little today with higher reps and less weight. It all felt pretty easy.. Anthony, (mybrother) was a little shocked when I told him we were doing 8 reps. hehe 🙂 but he was a trooper and powered through it! Of course its only like his third real training week back and hes already getting back up to where he needs to be. Must be nice to just naturally be a powerhouse…

Warm up

reverse hypers w/ a band (3×10) X rope abs (3×20)

glute-hams (3×10) X land mines (3×10)


Bench-  155 x8

155 x8

165 x7

165 x7

175 x6

175 x6

185 x6

chain Bench- 125lbs + 2 chains (each side) 9×1 medium and close grips.


Ball press- 60lbs 3×10

machine band press– 3×10

jerks- 135lbs 6×3

behind neck seated dumb bell press (35lbs) X plate raises (35lb) 3 Sets of 10

one arm snatch (40lbs) X dumbell clean and press (30lbs) 3 sets of 10

Triceps circuit: 2 Sets of 10 each

close grip bench- 65lbs plus a chain each side

close grip push downs

line dumbbell extension- 30lbs

*Warm down*

Sled Pull


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