7/16/12 Squat day!

Posted: July 16, 2012 by squat1000 in Athlete Blogs

As soon as I started squatting today, I felt my groin. stupid wide stance. Once I finished them and moved on to dead lift’s I felt a lot better. My body felt good though and pretty strong. I think next week I’m going to work in a higher box and a more narrow stance. Anyway, so here is my life this morning at 7am:


reverse hypers w/ a band (3×10) X rope abs (3×20)

glute-hams (3×10) X land mines (3×10)


Box squat 365lbs + 1 chain each side 9 sets of 3

Rack band deadlift 355lbs 7 sets of 3

These both felt pretty good. This raw training is really going to benefit my throwing.



Archbacks 605lbs 3 sets of 8

step ups (40lb each hand) x leg curls 3 sets of 10

*Warm down*

Sled Pull- took off a 25lb plate because my groin is feeling to similar to when strained in during the season. ugh.


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