7/9/12 Squat Day!

Posted: July 9, 2012 by squat1000 in Athlete Blogs
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6/9/12 Squat training

First day back training after competing in the Europa. This was the first time my recovery after a meet lasted a whole week! YAY RAW.


reverse hypers w/ a band (3×10) X rope abs (3×20)

glute-hams (3×10) X land mines (3×10)


Box squat 315 + 1 chain x3, 315+3 chains each side 8 sets of 3

Reverse band deadlift 545×3 (easy), 585×3 (too easy..), 605 5 sets of 3

I really love deadlifting raw, thats my favoritest lift by far 🙂

*Started really light seeing as I wasn’t sure where I would be coming in a Raw since the last time I lifed raw was at Auburn.


Archbacks 495 3 sets of 8

step ups (40lb each hand) x leg curls 3 sets of 8

*Warm down*

Sled Pull

All in all a really succesful first day back. Not hurting bad at all and it wasn’t so gosh awful hot… now time to stretch.


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