Posted: June 8, 2012 by squat1000 in Athlete Blogs

ANNA-We had Hvy BP’S today,started w/ rev hypers 3×10 ss. w/ rope abs 3×20 and glute/hams 3×10 ss. w/ landmines 3×10,shirt, Rev Bnd BP’s,545lbs 5X3,3-Brd press 315lbs 5X3,Flr press 315 5×3,DB incline and decline 2×10,cleans 165lbs 6X3,grapplers and seated DB press w/bnd 2×10, close grip bp’s 115lbs 3×10, E-Z curl push dwns 3×10, rev hypers, rope abs, bx jumps, rk bnd jumps, med ball toss x2,finished w/ throws,skills,speed and agility work,Throw Big, Throw Far! see you in the WR.


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