Posted: February 8, 2012 by squat1000 in Athlete Blogs

ANNA-Today we had dl’s,well it looks like the 4 in a row will be my training cycle for next few months due to traveling on Fridays,this weekend headed to Geneva Oh. to compete w/ the Auburn WarEagle Track and Field Team, started w/ rev hypers ss. w/ rope abs and glute/hams ss. w/ landmines 3×10 ea,we did a spd version of our DL day,all training was raw,high bx sqt’s,455lbs 3×5,blk dl’s, 385lbs,3×5,pltfrm dl’s, 385lbs 3×5 , sissy sqts 455lbs 2×5, bent rows w/165lbs, 2×10, leg curls 2×10, seated close grip mach rows 2×10 and seated wide grip pull dwns 2×10, finished w/ rev hypers, rope abs, med ball toss, bx jumps, rk bnd jumps x2,also trained shot and weight, skills, agility and speed work,training went well,Throw Big Throw Far, Hvy BP’s tom.see you in the WR.


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