Soolmaz Hosseini: A little background check…

Posted: January 27, 2010 by soolmazh in Soolmaz Hosseini

Hello to everyone stopping by checking us out on the Unbreakable Athlete’s blog…

Since this is my very first entry, perhaps it would be wise to maybe give you a background check on yours truly.

I have always been extremely active and I have always wanted a fitness model’s physique, I just never knew how to get it. I started lifting in college but I had no guidance or knowlegde to achieve my goal. For example, I had no idea how important my diet was to gaining the lean muscle mass that I was longing for. I assumed it was all in my workout. I would read fitness magazines and look at the women featured in them and wonder why I couldn’t get on their level, I mean, I was doing a ridculous amount of ab exercises, and I was doing the “blast your arms in three simple moves” workouts. Why weren’t they working on me??

It wasn’t until I met a few amazing people who were knowledgable in the game and guided me to the light. I had quite a team working with me to not only show me the way but to also teach me why. Lucas Irwin (which is now my partner in business and life), Bjorn Moncur, and Tessie Lobon (who ended up being my competition coach and nutritionist) eventually introduced me to the world of physique competitions. I made an enormous decision to compete and didn’t look back. Originally, I wanted to compete in the figure division and being that I’m a natural athlete, when the time came, I still hadn’t put on enough muscle to compete as a figure competitor. Luckily, NPC had just added a bikini division so there was no backing out.

2009 was my first year competing. I did three shows, starting with my local Miami BB, Fitness, Figure and Bikini show in June. I won both my class and the overall. It was such a shocker for me because I am soooo hard on myself. I really didn’t think I would do so well. The next show I did was the national qualifier, NPC’s Southern States. Again, I won my class and the overall!  What an amazing experience that was. One of the most beautiful fitness models, Annik Nayler was there competing. I still to this day have the magazine I first saw her in. I used her flawless physique as my motivation everyday, and off topic, she is now an Unbreakable Athlete with her very own blog right here on our site!  Please check it out.

After Southern States, I stayed on track and decided I was going to the NPC Nationals show in November to compete amoungst some of the best girls out there. I placed 9th in my class, talk about a huge disappointment. Not because of my placing as much, I was more disappointed with what the bikini division ended up becoming. Let’s just say, NPC didn’t hold up its end of the bargain with the “no thongs”  rule nor did they keep it classy. Instead of punishing those who belittled the NPC as an organization with their lewd and lascivious behavior, they rewarded them by granting them PRO cards.I was under the impression that I was being judged on my physique and not entirely on whether or not I would bend forward to give the audience a better look. I won’t change my poise and character for a trophy. I work too hard to throw it away on stage acting like a bimbo. My goal is to be taken seriously. For that, I can go to a local wet t-shirt contest, not having to train or diet as hard as I do AND win some cash. I can stand here and say this because I’m not the only one with the same sentiment. Many people at the show, including photographers and bloggers wrote the same sad story.

This is where I’m at now. I am looking at some shows to see which ones I want to enter this year. I’m giving it one more shot. Hopefully we can attribute my experience at Nationals to the fact that that was the bikini division’s first year and that the direction of the division was uncertain then. Looking forward to a great year in personal health and fitness.


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